• August 2022 Expert Series - The Convergence of Member Benefits and Non-Dues Revenue for Overall Growth and Retention

    In today’s ever-changing nonprofit landscape, it is necessary to possess a deep, strong pool of member benefits designed to help your association not only grow financially but to keep current and win back lapsed members. The well-armed association professional must understand how the convergence of member benefits and non-dues revenue is directly tied to the value of engaging and interacting with these current, past, and future members.

    In this presentation we will explore how this extends beyond the obvious elements like education, content, and meetings that would help someone be a member or stay a member and dives into the complex world of member benefits and non-dues revenue that help drive most membership organizations. Association executives need to understand that the services and products their organization provides can be true member benefits and potential non-dues revenue resources at the same time.

    CLICK HERE for presentation PDF.

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