• July 2023 Expert Series: Your Non-Dues Revenue Initiatives are Only as Good as Your User Journeys

    Picture this: you have a new, genius non-dues revenue idea. Members are clamoring for the offering, the market is ripe, projections are strong, the board is all in – it’s sure to be a home run. So you pour time, resources, and even blood, sweat, and tears into the new initiative, and get ready to rake in the ca$h.

    But upon launch, it falls flat. Numbers aren’t half of what they should be. What gives?

    Nine times out of ten it’s not your offering that’s the problem, it’s the user journey to get there: to find, to purchase, to register. The secret to unlocking the true potential of your NDR offerings lies in delivering exceptional and thoughtfully crafted member or customer journeys. Join Matrix Group CEO & Chief Troublemaker Joanna Pineda and her team as they explore how simply focusing on your member journeys can increase conversions and drive serious revenue for your organization.

    CLICK HERE for presentation.

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