• May 2023 Expert Series: Findings from Interviews with 100 Corporate Sponsors that Can Help Associations Improve their Sponsorship Program Success

    When I work with associations to create corporate sponsorship programs that increase revenue and add member value, part of my discovery process is to interview the association’s corporate sponsors. In the past year, I’ve interviewed 100 senior executives who are decision-makers when it comes to which associations they sponsor.
    There is a great degree of consistency among companies regarding why they decide to sponsor — or not sponsor — associations. These trends are true across a variety of association trades and professions, and association sizes.
    • Learn the top trends Bruce has learned from interviews with corporate sponsors, including actual quotes from sponsors
    • Understand how to use what we learn from corporate sponsor interviews to improve association sponsorship programs
    • Find out best practices you can use to interview your sponsors, plus five key questions to ask

    Hosted by Bruce Rosenthal, Founder and Convener of Partnership Professional Network.

    View Bruce’s presentation deck, CLICK HERE.

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