CASE STUDY: Leadership Reboot with School Nutrition Association

Presenters Rhea M. Steele, CAE, Chief of Staff and Jen Lewi, CAE, School Nutrition Association The School Nutrition Association has about 40 staff and a budget of $12M. They serve over 50,000 members all of whom work in school nutrition ensuring kids have access to healthy meals every day. SNA also serves as a resource to the leaders of its state components. In April 2020, SNA, like many associations, was forced to cancel their national leadership conference which serves as a leadership training institute of sorts for the Presidents, Presidents-Elect, State Association Executives, and Future Leaders program. Instead of just moving the conference online, SNA decided to create an entirely new product that was relevant, accessible, and would stand the test of time – and pandemic. Join Rhea to learn more about what SNA did, how it was picked up and built upon by other departments, and how SNA was able to generate a brand new stream of non-dues revenue for the association.

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