CASE STUDY: Monetize Your Educational Opportunities

Presented by: Keith Segundo – President/CEO Limitless Association Solution Resource and Adrienne Segundo, IOM, CS – Chairman/COO Limitless Association Solution Resource Hold on tight for this one as you will be wisped away to a place where education meets revenue. Join Keith and Adrienne Segundo as they transform the way you look at the future of non-dues revenue.  In addition they will share the new value proposition for your organization…This magic all happens by leveraging your education to grow membership, meetings and so much more. They will also dive into 5 case studies creating a significant non-dues revenue stream, while adding a dazzling value proposition. They will demonstrate how proven methods destroy traditional models making groups turn profit faster than ever…from credentialing, micro-credentialing, certificate programs, CE though virtual conferences and virtual/live prep courses with an online education stores. They will also share the cost effective future hybrid model of effectively delivering CE. This one is a game changer so hold on tight because they are going to show you a world of potential like no other.

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